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About Me

311678_3464766259033_774836941_n (1)Mateusz Gajdzik

I am a software engineer, manager, coach, entrepreneur, musician and cynic. Choose whichever you want, and it will suit me more or less.

I started my adventure with software when I was in the primary school (it was a PC with 80286, 16 MHz and 40MB HDD! Anybody remembers that stuff?) My first completed project was an OX game written in C++ using one function and lots of goto. I was proud of it at that time.

Since then I have finished some more projects (and I stopped using goto, thank God). My professional career started in 2003, when as a junior Java developer I began to learn how IT industry works. I went through all the stages of developer career – junior, senior and Jedi.

Around 2008 I was involved in my first Scrum project. I was really impressed how well it all worked, so I took an interest in Scrum and agile in general. I had a great coach who drew me to agile and pragmatism.

In 2011 I decided to start my own business. I hired a few developers and, after a while, merged with Cohesiva. Two years later the business was shut down. In the meantime I had an adventure with a startup in fitness business. After those failures I decided to go back to regular post, so I joined Ocado Technology.

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